A frightened Mitch McConnell says Biden would not deserve credit score for enhancing the pandemic

Senate minority chairman Mitch McConnell said all of the credit goes to Trump and the Republicans, not President Biden, for improving the pandemic.

McConnell tweeted:

This brighter horizon is not the result of a partisan law signed last week … or an administration sworn in less than two months ago. It was built by the American people and backed by the five historic and completely bipartisan bills that Congress passed last year

– Senator McConnell Press (@McConnellPress) March 15, 2021

The improved pandemic situation is directly due to the Biden government. President Biden inherited a dumpster fire from Trump. There was no coordinated federal response plan to the pandemic, and Trump was not buying enough vaccines for a mass vaccination program.

President Biden changed all that. The Biden government has kept a regular record of the number of people vaccinated each day. Trump vaccinated 1 million people a day. The Biden government recently set a new record with 2.9 million vaccinations in a single day. Biden does in one day what it took Trump two or three days to do, and each day saved equates to thousands of Americans who will not die from COVID.

Mitch McConnell is scared. Biden was more successful faster than Republicans could have imagined. The GOP news didn’t get stuck, and President Biden is using a devastating new slogan to bury Republican hopes in the midterm elections.

Joe Biden is why America is coming back, and McConnell’s answer sounds like that of a man who knows his chances of regaining the Senate majority are rapidly disappearing.

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