9 Gala Mysteries Hit That Nonetheless We’re Not Over

How close did the “Met Gala” setting for the central heist in the 2018 film get to an actual Met Gala? Besides that Rihanna was there?

Well, you may have guessed that Wintour wouldn’t have made a cameo in a movie that got their party completely wrong. A team from Vogue including the special events director Edie Kierna (also in the film), deliberated on the details and the climax sequence was filmed in the actual museum, where they effectively recreated what a real Met Gala red carpet looks like and wrapped the faux event with Vogue-approved celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and Serena Williams.

“The ball is the creation of Anna Wintour. And this from the beginning with the collaboration, advice and support of Vogue,” said Ocean’s 8 Director Gary Ross told Vulture. “Anna wanted to make sure that the aesthetics were what she wanted. I showed her the design. She was impressed and moved by it. And she said, ‘Okay, that’s our job.'”

It took 10 days to shoot the Met scenes, which the Metropolitan Museum of Art allowed between 4:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m.

“We took the Executive Dining Room and turned it into a kind of club where people could hang out. Lots of interesting people up there, ”said Ross about how they handled all the celebs who stayed idle on set between takes. “When they weren’t in front of the camera, they were at a fun party and meeting people. And we had a range of Cartier jewelry that they could wear when they wanted and that they could add millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry . “

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