16 Candy Secrets and techniques About A Cinderella Story Revealed

4. Before filming, Murray took Duff out for coffee “just to get to know her and work with her so we could kind of build a relationship with each other so it would be easier on set,” the One Tree Hill star explained to Black Movie .

5. Years later, Duff admitted to having a crush on her older co-star, telling Cosmopolitan, “I definitely had a crush on him. We had a few kissing scenes in the movie and I remember being pretty nervous about it, but then we became friends and I wasn’t that nervous anymore.”

6. Before Murray signed, Austin Ames didn’t have much backstory, with Murray hinting at the conflict between the popular athlete and his father over wanting to follow in his footsteps to play football at USC.

“I sat down and talked to the producer and director and said, ‘Guys, we should really grow on this story. I think two storylines meet in the middle with two people who aren’t happy finding each other and becoming happy, I think that’s interesting,'” Murray told Black Film.

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