15 Options To Magnificence Issues Everybody Has However No person Talks About

This is another skin issue that no one talks about, but butt acne, aka “buttne,” is definitely a thing. This cream is just what you need to get rid of pimples and sores on your butt. According to the brand, it is antibacterial, moisturizing and repairing. Once you have cleaned that skin, you can continue using this lotion as a preventative treatment.

Some Amazon customers say this is a “miracle product”. One elaborated: “I will break out if I wear training leggings that are too long. Or tight clothing in general! I recently moved to a beach town and I wear a bathing suit all the time, I was so insecure about my butt that some days I didn’t even want to go to the beach or wear my super cute bikinis because I had a pimple on my butt, so I wore my better covered bathing suits. That was a rescue.”

Another shared: “I’m really happy with how this product is working for butt acne. I’m 51 and I’ve always said ‘Better there than on my face’ but seriously, who wants that at 51. I was over the moon with the results.”

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